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About Us

About Management One Home Choice

Our goal is simple, we aim to provide our Sacramento county property management clients with an affordable, professional solution to the often burdensome task of managing real estate and tenants in the greater Sacramento areas. All our property managers are state licensed and experienced real estate professionals. As a client, you will have direct access to your assigned property manager. To ensure that your property manager is as motivated as you are, we do not charge a monthly management fee unless your tenant is in place and paying rent. This ensures that our agents work diligently and efficiently to get your property to the income producing stage. Although we don’t get paid until you do, we will never cut corners on screening tenants and we will do our utmost to ensure placement of a responsible resident in your property. We know that proper resident screening is the most important part of what we do to make your investment profitable for years to come.

We promise to never nickel and dime our clients! We know that one of the most frustrating things for an owner is to feel they are being charged for unessecary expenses. We fully analyze every repair request before sending out a maintenance technician to assure that we minimize owner expenses. We also give our local owners the option to save money by providing maintenance to their properties if they so choose.

We specialize in Sacramento County residential property with a focus on South Sacramento and Elk Grove property. We do not manage vacation rentals, commercial and industrial properties. This allows us to stay focused on your needs while providing exceptional customer service to our residential tenants and owners. Please call us at (916) 685-2000 for further details, one of our friendly property managers will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Our Team

Our years of experience stems from managing Sacramento investment property and foreclosed properties for many national banks and servicers including Fannie Mae, Wells Fargo Bank, US Bank, Bank of America, and Deutsche Bank to name just a few. We are entrusted with millions of dollars of inventory and are expected to assist in legal evictions, property preservation, security and liquidation of assets. Our managing broker has been in the Sacramento real estate market for over 22 years and is hands on with the management of our rental inventory.

We have full time staff dedicated to the management of your property. All residents will have access to our 24Hr., 7 day a week staff to ensure the safety and preservation of your property. Our staff is friendly and works hard to create long lasting relationships with our residents to ensure peace of mind for both our owners and residents. In turn, our owners enjoy low turnover and high occupancy rates.